Infants - 0-2 Years

Our Infant programme is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment where babies can move freely and explore a variety of age appropriate activities, resources and provocations.  Equipment and furniture is carefully selected to provide safe challenges and support your child’s developing motor skills. 

Our experienced teachers use their strong knowledge of child development to support babies with their movement milestones such as rolling, crawling, standing, and walking and encourage them as they practice their mobility and coordination skills.

Our small group sizes and low child : teacher ratios enable our teachers to develop a strong relationship with your child.  Individualised personal care combined with plenty of individual attention ensure your child’s security and self-esteem are nurtured.

We provide a language rich environment to support your child’s linguistic development, including songs, stories and meaningful teacher : child interactions.  Self-expression is also promoted through regular music and movement opportunities.

We encourage curiosity and exploration as the leading approach to learning for this age group and provide a wide range of sensory learning experiences including a variety of textures, colours, size and shapes.  Other age appropriate concepts such as cause and effect and object permanence are also supported through our planned activities.

Our teachers will consult with you to develop a transition plan as your child approaches the age of two, to support their move into the next classroom.  Transition processes are flexible and individualised to support each child’s needs and readiness.