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Inspired By Nature

The management and teaching team at Hand and Hand Early Learning Centres take pride in providing a happy, secure and enriching environment where all childrens needs are satisfied in a holistic way, through stimulating and challenging activities and experiences.

All our teachers foster respectful, caring and nurturing relationships and provide equal opportunities for children and parents, offering support to enable the children to grow up as confident and competent learners.

We endeavour to develop strong and lasting relationships within the community, the local schools and the parents and whanau of the children.

We provide opportunities for the parents and whanau to include their input into centre documentation (policies, philosophy and programmes.)

We encourage parents and whanau to participate actively within the centre programme of teaching and learning.

Committed to Inspiring Young Minds

We value and respect diversity and create environments that encompass all cultures.

We also invite parents to enlighten us about their culture their values and beliefs, inviting parents to provide different experiences and activities about their culture.

We provide a Reggio inspired programme that enables the children to learn through exploration, inquiry and discovery of the outside world using the environment as the third teacher.

Children gain knowledge and independence with encouragement from the staff.

Our teaching and learning programmes are based on the foundation of the Te Whariki curriculum and Te Tiriti of Waitangi.

We take great pride and excitement in providing programmes that enable our children to express their creativity and imagination by offering age appropriate learning experiences based on their interests.

At Hand and Hand Early Learning Centres, we are a passionate team of Management and Teachers who are proud to support your children through their early years journey.

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