Welcome to Hand and Hand Flatbush.

We are excited to introduce our beautiful Hand and Hand Flatbush Childcare Centre to you. 

We cater for children from the ages of three months to six years and our centre is conveniently located in the heart of Flatbush, close to Ormiston, Botany, Botany Junction and Mission Heights Primary School. 

Tiny Hands Room 3 months to 2 years 

An environment suitable for your child’s growth and development in the early years -  our Tiny Hands room offers nurturing stimulation through a calm routine and beautiful set ups inviting children to play and learn.

Teachers provide intimate care for a maximum of ten infants allowing us to develop a strong understanding of your child’s needs, routines and well-being and foster close attachments to support their sense of security.

Infants are provided with opportunities to develop their sensory skills through rich experiences and set-ups that allow for visual and auditory learning as well as touch, taste and smell. 

The indoor area is cosy and safe and ideal environment for babies settling and finding their place, while engaging in a variety of play experiences with resources such as blocks, books, music and the always popular family play area.

Our Tiny Hands room enjoys an independent playground resourced with age-appropriate equipment to support the development of physical skills such as crawling, walking and running - providing a safe environment for your child to explore without interruptions.  

We provide a consistent teacher to support you and your child in making a relaxed, stress-free transition and value a manakitanga approach where teachers practice a culture of respect with our infants as they cater for their specific needs. 

Little Hands Room 2 years to 3.5 years 

Our toddlers are busy bodies who enjoy actively engaging in their environment. 

In the Little Hands Room, a wide range of resources and equipment are available for your child to explore and discover as they direct their own learning in an orderly environment that accommodates around twenty toddlers.

Teachers in Little Hands use a calm, interactive and supportive approach with children to encourage skills and dispositions of life-long learning in children. 

Your child will build on their social skills and emotional competence through group play and opportunities to share experiences as a class. 

When you and your child are ready, we work together to encourage self-help skills including developing confidence in using the toilet. 

We foster children’s love of language through music and songs, books and stories, andfocused discussions as we encourage them to express themselves through different modes of communication.

Our teachers work alongside the toddlers, supporting them to make sense of their world through exploration, inquiry, risk-taking, imaginary-play and discussion. Consistent routines and practices are also in place to allow children to develop independence and confidence as they approach the preschool room. 

The Little Hands and Big Hands rooms share a large playground with multiple opportunities to challenge their growing bodies and developing gross motor skills.  Sharing this space also fosters the development of tuakana-teina relationships where older and younger children work and play alongside one another and together, developing skills such as negotiation, empathy and sharing. 

Big Hands 3.5 years to 6 years

Our preschool children are supported to become capable, resilient and rich in wonder and knowledge. 

In the Big Hands Room, our teachers support children to develop their own inquiry and problem-solving skills, as they act as co-constructors of knowledge together with their teachers and peers.

 The Big Hands Room caters for approximately thirty preschool children.  Your child will be encouraged to lead their own learning through questioning, project work, and pursuing their own strengths and interests to progress to complex levels of understanding.

 The Transition to School Programme (Kura) is another unique focus of the Big Hands Room with visits to the local Mission Heights Primary School organized to support children’s pathways to school. 

Through provocations and experiences which support children to build confidence, independence, resilience and curiosity, our teachers will support your child to develop the necessary foundation skills to go on and flourish at school. 

Children are encouraged to take an active role in daily experiences and routines through researching topics that interest them, engaging in opportunities for problem solving and inquiry, setting up tables with their desired provocations, and tidying up after themselves. They are also encouraged to be kaitiaki (guardians of nature) through reducing our plastic usage and increasing the use of natural resources in the environment. 

In the Big Hands Room, we also touch our wider community through organized trips to places such as the park, the museum and the zoo. Through these experiences your child can link their ideas and learning to real world experiences. Where possible we expand children’s learning about the world around them by inviting the community to visit our place … librarians, firefighters, police officers and other public service people are invited to our centre to share with children about their jobs and roles. 

Our Highlights:

  • Our curriculum at Hand and Hand is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy where the environment is valued as a third teacher.  This can be seen in our stimulating and age-appropriate environments and the meaningful experiences offered.

  • We are proud to offer a multi-cultural team role modelling the diversity in our community.

  • We believe in strong collaboration with parents and families. Our whanau feedback and aspirations are highly valued, and we strive to incorporate whanau voices into our curriculum. As a centre, we also value and celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds of our children

  • Early Learning Centre & childcare at Flat Bush

  • Mission Heights Childcare

Flat Bush Early Learning Centre
Address:  30 Manchester Drive, Flat Bush, Auckland
Phone:  09 272 7086
  Email: flatbush@handandhand.co.nz


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