At Hand and Hand Early Learning Centre Hamilton we pride ourselves in acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of cultures we have at our centre. 

We provide a rich, natural learning environment that promotes inclusivity where we encourage and embrace whanau to be a part of their children’s learning. 

Our philosophy is largely based on the importance of building responsive, respectful, reciprocal and authentic relationships with tamariki and whanau.

 Our purpose built centre has been carefully thought out with a natural outdoor space that encourages children to explore and build their confidence to take risks in a safe setting. Our indoor spaces are set out to scaffold and enhance children’s learning with teachers using the environment as the third teacher. 

 Our low ratios allow our passionate team to spend one on one time with our children and really get to know them well creating a home away from home for all those that become part of our Hand and Hand whanau. 

  • Best Early Learning Centre & childcare at Hamilton
  • Early Learning Centre & childcare at Fairfield, Chartwell & Peachgrove ,
  • Early learning centre & childcare at Hukanui , Enderley & Chedworth.

Hamilton Early Learning Centre
 Address: 281 Clarkin Road, Fairfield, Hamilton
   Phone: 07 9497 686
   Email: hamilton@handandhand.co.nz


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