Best Early Learning Centre & childcare at Hamilton

At Hand and Hand Early Learning Centre in Hamilton we pride ourselves in acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of cultures we have at our centre.

As a top Early learning Centre at Chedworth, we provide a rich, natural learning environment that promotes inclusivity where we encourage and embrace whanau to be a part of their children’s learning.

Designed with a nurturing mind, our centre is divided into 4 rooms, Tiny Hands (3mths-1yr),Little Hands (1-2yrs), Growing Hands (2-3.5yrs) and Big Hands (3.5-5yrs).

As a well known Early Learning Centre at Fairfield, our philosophy is largely based on the importance of building responsive, respectful, reciprocal and authentic relationships with tamariki and whanau and our team is committed to improving the lives and results of the individuals we serve.

Early Learning Centre & childcare at Fairfield, Chartwell & Peachgrove

Our purpose built Early learning centre at Peachgrove has been carefully thought out with a natural outdoor space that encourages children to explore and build their confidence to take risks in a safe setting. Our indoor spaces are set out to scaffold and enhance children’s learning with teachers using the environment as the third teacher.

Our low ratios allow our passionate team to spend quality time with our children and really get to know them well, creating a home away from home for all those that become part of our Hand and Hand whanau.

As the Best childcare centre in Hamilton, our role is to see each child grow and develop to their true potentials in the critical early years. We do this through loving care and ensuring each child gets individual attention. In a stimulating environment, our children are having fun, building confidence and fostering relationships with their peers and teachers.

Early learning centre & childcare at Hukanui, Enderley & Chedworth

Hand and Hand Early Learning Centre serves the area of Enderley, Hukanui, Peachgrove and other places.

Our menu was designed following Heart Foundation guideline. We are a nut-free centre and our menu takes into account children with allergies, special dietary requirements and we are happy to accommodate any cultural or religious needs.

Our carefully designed School Readiness Program aims to send the children to school confidently and competently. In addition to the basic Literacy and numeracy knowledge, your child will be encouraged to attend a wide range of experiences to build their independence, social and emotional competence as well as their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We provide online portfolios by Storypark, which is platform to share your child’s precious learning journey at Hand and Hand and a tool for communicating with you. Our Facebook page is another place that you can find regular updates about the exciting learnings at our centre.

Our goal is to accommodate the educational and social requirements of each children. With our Childcare in Hukanui, Peachgrove and other places, our children are able to thrive with the help of because we always place the people we serve at the center of our thoughts and our practices.

Our mission is straightforward: to enhance the skills and capabilities of children offering best Childcare in Chartwell , to assist them in coping with the challenges of life, and to provide them with the information and tools necessary to become effective, productive, and valued members of society.

Hamilton Early Learning Centre
Address:281 Clarkin Road, Fairfield, Hamilton
Phone:07 9497 686


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