Our Grounds
Hand and Hand Early Learning Centres offer a modern, purpose-built facility. Our environments, equipment and resources are carefully chosen to provide stimulating, aesthetically pleasing settings in which children are inspired to learn through exploration and discovery.

Our outdoor playgrounds offer a range of age appropriate challenges for each stage of development, combined with spaces for child-directed play.
Committed to Inspiring Young Minds
Committed to maintaining their own learning journeys, our Teachers attend regular professional development workshops and seminars to ensure they are providing the best possible learning outcomes for your child.

Our passionate, fully engaged Management Team are hands-on and responsive to the needs of our Teaching teams.
Our learning programmes are grounded in the National Curriculum Te Whariki and are developed in response to the children's interests and learning dispositions. In addition to our weekly planning, we also strengthen children’s learning through special events and projects and a wide range of cultural celebrations.

Our specialist Kura Programme is based on 5 essential skills for School Readiness and provides extra support for children approaching the transition to school.
Infants - 0-2 Years
Our Infant programme is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment where babies can move freely and explore a variety of age appropriate activities, resources and provocations. Equipment and furniture is carefully selected to provide safe challenges and support your child’s developing motor skills......

Toddlers 2 - 3.5 years
Children in this age group learn best through hands-on experiences. A range of open-ended resources and activities are provided to support your child with making sense of the world around them. Under the gentle guidance of their teachers, your child will begin to develop self-awareness and independence as they become active explorers in an environment designed to stimulate and engage them......
Preschool 3-5 Years
Our Preschool Programme is designed to support your child to develop a lifelong love of learning. Through a combination of independent exploration, structured learning activities, and the development of relationships with their peers – your child will develop their social competence, enhance their physical skills, strengthen their thinking and reasoning skills ......

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