Our Programme

Tailored to your child's needs and interests, Hand and Hand @ HOME's daily programme supports your child's learning and development according to Te Whariki (the NZ National Curriculum for Early Childhood) and Ministry of Education guidelines. Every day is packed full of activities and experiences to inspire and your child's mind and while they are having fun, they are also learning about literacy and numeracy, social competence and creativity.


Children in Home-based care with Hand and Hand @ HOME Educators get to do all sorts of exciting things!  They paint; they bake; they dance and play in the garden; they sing; they ride bikes and they go on outings. Natural play and exploration are encouraged and the community is valued as a learning playground.

Your child's programme is tailored to reflect the values and expectations of your family while supporting your child's unique learning style, personal routines and any special needs and the pace of your child, allowing them time to unfold their natural development and individual potential.


Once a month our qualified and registered Early Childhood Visiting Teacher will visit to assess your child's learning and support your Educator to recognize what stage of development your child is at.  They will provide tips, ideas and advice as well as educational toys and resources from our programme library.  Educators are guided to notice, recognize and respond to children's interests and learning needs.  


Visiting Teachers write special stories about your child's fun and learning and these are placed in your child's very own learning portfolio alongside photos and some of their wonderful paint and drawing creation to show the learning process. Children love to revisit these to look back at what they achieved, and they make a wonderful treasure to look back on and remember those special early years.


Following the visit, you and your caregiver will receive visit notes which give you an update on your child's progress and what they have been involved in and interested in during the past month. These are also kept in your child's learning portfolio.


Nature playschools and organized outings provide opportunities for children and their Educators to develop connections, learn through observation and role modelling, engage in reflection and discussion around their practices, develop confidence, and share information and resources.